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Golden Mountain Doodles

Sept 21
Parents are Bernedoodle F1 & Goldendoodle F1

GUARDIAN HOMES program. We have a robust guardian home program, because we believe strongly that every dog should be spoiled and loved in a home environment.  Our breeder dogs are retired at 4-5 years old and we want to know they will continue to live a joyful life and be loved, in the home where they have been raised. This has led us to develop a strong Guardian Home program. You can request details, but basically it means the breeder dogs do not live with us, they live in a guardian home and will be with that family forever. This starts when they are young puppies and they know who their master is and they are well spoiled and bonded to the guardian family. The breeder dogs only come to us when they are ready for breeding and they are close to delivery. The breeder and puppies remain in our home until eight to nine weeks old. The puppies go to their forever homes and the momma returns to her guardian home, soon to become her forever home at retirement.   If you are interested in knowing more about this program, drop an email by clicking here .

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