Breeding is Fun

Cynthia Teas

“Breeding is Fun"
Well, since my first post a lot has happened. My Bernedoodle Dam has had her litter. She surprised me and had 9 puppies. Her first in this litter was stillborn and it was obvious, he had died in utero a while ago, as he was not well developed. She had 6 healthy girls and two boys. One of the males is very underweight, but we have been working with him and he has a vigorous suck, so hopefully he will make it. Lots of Miracle Puppy Formula and Mamas milk.

So this brings me to discuss the idea of "Breeding Puppies is Fun"! Well, yes it is fun but it also comes with a lot of hard work and a lot of heartbreak at times. Nothing about breeding is all fun! While I was most excited to see my first litter born, I found I grieved for the hard work of labor that my mama dog had to endure. She was a champ, but her facial expressions and demeanor following birth told me it was one long haul. And now, she had 7 puppies to tend.

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In The Beginning…

My husband and I were in our mid 40’s when we founded A Christian camp program for people with special needs.. By the grace of God, it had grown to be an amazing program serving children and adults with all kinds of disabilities or medical issues. My being a pediatric nurse and my husband having experience in leadership and ministry, the program fit perfectly and we were quite content with it’s growth. We LOVED the ministry and joy this program brought to all that attended as campers, staff and volunteers. For over 20 years we enjoyed this meaningful work. And then things changed in 2012.

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