Double Doodles

So what’s all the doodle talk? Doodles were first created to increase health and longevity in dogs that tend to have short life span and health issues.  The poodle has great attributes such as non shedding, longevity (12-14 years) and few health problems when mixed with other breeds. And so the Doodle was created, crossing the poodle with almost any breed you can think of.  If you have a hybrid doodle and you breed it to another hybrid Doodle you get a DOUBLE DOODLE. Double Doodles are twice the fun, full of energy, loving, great family dogs. Because of the crossing of not two, but three distinct breeds, all with great attributes, you get what is known as a hybrid vigor. This is just fancy breeder language for “Great Dogs”. 

When you cross an F1 Aussiedoodle with an F1 Labradoodle you get a great double doodle. These dogs are called F2b double doodles. These are very easy going by nature and known to be non shedding, and usually have excellent health.  Size 20-25
pounds when full grown.

When you cross an F1 Aussiedoodle with an F1 Bernedoodle you get another great double doodle. These dogs are known as Swiss Doodles, because Swiss Ridge Kennels were the first to create this hybrid.  These are fun, laid back, non-shedding, long living doodles. Size is 25-30 pounds usually.

And then there is the F1 Goldendoodles crossed with an F1 Bernedoodle to create a double Golden Mountain Doodle.  These puppies are expected to have all the good traits of the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle, and a little Golden Retriever in the mix too.  Sassy, crazy, and yet very manageable puppies that are mini size, usually less than 30 pounds.  These great dogs will fit into the lifestyle of young family or an older adult household. Whatever the need, this cross meets it!

At this time these are the mixes that we are breeding at Texana Doodles, because after much research, we found these  hybrid mixes throw amazing puppies. At Texana Doodles we strive to have amazing puppies to sell to our amazing customers and we are hitting the mark with these Double Doodles. Not just great looks, but these puppies are proving to have a wonderful temperament too.

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Double Doodles
Double Doodles

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