Golden Mountain Doodles

What is a Golden Mountain Doodle (GMD)? A little history tells us that the hybrid breed was first created at Swiss Ridge Kennels in 2013. It is literally a mix of a Golden Doodle with a Bernese Mountain Dog. This creates a puppy with Golden Retriever, Bernese Mountain, and Poodle genes, all wrapped up into one adorable, playful, loyal Big Dog! These dogs are not as common as some doodles, mainly because they are BIG, usually around 70-90 pounds.

Here at My Texana Doodles we are endeavoring to create this breed in a mini to medium size. This cross blends the playful and intelligent Poodle with the clever, loyal, and calm Bernese Mountain and Golden Retriever. The outcome is amazing! If you are looking for a unique dog that is lots of fun you will find that in the Golden Mountain Doodle.

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