American Labradoodles are simply a dog that is a mix of a Poodle and Labrador Retriever. Labradoodles tend to have few health issues and live 12-14 years. Labradoodles come in all sizes. Their size is determined by both parents. When the Labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador and a Medium to small Poodle, they tend to have smaller puppies. The breeder may further decrease size by breeding the Medium Labradoodle to a toy or tiny toy Poodle. This is usually accomplished by using artificial insemination. These smaller size pups produce the Mini Labradoodle or Micro Mini Labradoodle. SO maybe you want a Doodle, but prefer a smaller dog………….you now have that choice at My Texana Doodles.

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Labradoodles are intelligent and unique dogs. Each litter usually has puppies that vary in their coats, size and colors. Even when the Lab is bred to a toy poodle, they may have several sizes of puppies ranging anywhere from 14” to 20”. The same goes for their coat. Some Labradoodles have a curly poodle like coat and shed very little. Some however, shed a little, but have a wavy or wiry coat. Usually the wiry and curly shed none to a small amount, while the wavy coat may shed more. Most people with allergies find the Labradoodle to be the perfect dog, especially the dogs with
the curly coat.

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Cindy – Female
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My Texana Doodles specializes in mini and micro mini Labradoodles and you will find them in red, apricot, blonde or creme. The coats range from curly to wavy and fleece or wiry.

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